Let Your Light Shine In For Showings: All Things Windows

Today’s home buyers are looking for listings with plenty of natural light in every room. Windows play a starring role by giving the home a sense of more space which means LARGER and more inviting rooms. Uncluttered windows that let in plenty of natural light help to achieve the desired and on-trend look of an open floor plan.

So, we say “Let that Light Shine In!”

Below you’ll find our easy to follow steps that are sure to help show off your windows as well as casting a “favorable light” on your interior spaces.

If you struggle with how to clean those windows – you’re sure not alone. We’ve included some cleaning tips at the end to help you get those windows looking squeaky clean for buyers!

Exterior window tips:

· Can we see your windows from the curb?  Many sellers let their landscaping take over the yard to the point of obstructing their windows and home’s front elevation.  Get those pruning shears out and starting trimming shrubs and lower tree limbs so buyers can see and appreciate the front of your home.

· For best presentation of your windows from the curb, remove all screens – store & save them in the garage or attic.  Screens make a home look less appealing from the outside and filter out much needed natural light on the inside. 

· Sell your exterior spaces from every possible interior window view. For example, if you have a pool or fabulous patio/backyard, start selling it from the inside.  You want buyers to focus on your fantastic view or backyard, not the window blinds and/or window treatments that hide your outdoor selling features.

· Finally, don’t forget to clean all windows thoroughly (inside and out) especially those front & patio windows.

Interior window staging tips:

· Let the light shine in for each showing!!

· It truly is okay to simply leave your windows completely bare – it’s definitely better than having the wrong or dated window treatments displayed that could turn off buyers. And no worries if you don’t have big alluring windows, we’ve included tips here that will help with any size window.

· Some windows are just so pretty that they won’t need any embellishments. If your home has a circular or curved window – don’t cover it up.  Instead, let this unique architectural feature dazzle buyers!

· What’s happening with the windows on your front door?  Remove any adhesive film products from the glass and open those roman shades or blinds during the day for showings.

· Editing heavy and busy fabric valances, sheers and panels makes such a difference to buyers. And please – no lace.  Outdated window treatments can be a distraction from the other great features of the home – making your listing feel tired and unloved.

· Remove dated and over-sized rods & hardware and patch/touch up wall paint. If bulky rods must stay, consider giving the rods a face lift by painting them a light neutral color. 

· Don’t forget to remove black out shades from all windows (remember we need to let that light shine in!).

· Looking for that just right window treatment?  We recommend a pair of fabric window panels hung from an easy-to-install simple rod. The panels should be basic in design with a gentle-on-the-eye solid neutral color, framing the windows on either side and not covering them up. To install, select very simple rods that extend across the width of the window.  Make sure the fabric panels are long enough to “kiss” the floor when hung.

· If you’re concerned about privacy, leave fabric panels or mini-blinds open during the day for showings and close them each evening at sunset.

Window Cleaning Tips (according to Good HouseKeeping)

Good Housekeeping recommends using a combination of Hope’s perfect glass cleaner (available for $4 on Amazon) with a microfiber cloth ($6 for a 3-pack on Amazon).

 A few tips to make your window cleaning a success:

 · Choose a dry cloudy day because if it’s a sunny hot day the cleaner will dry on the windows before you can wipe it off and remove those pesky streaks.

· Always vacuum the frame, sill and sash before cleaning the glass.

· Don’t be afraid to be generous with the cleaning spray.

· Finally, dry with a microfiber cloth – avoid paper towels if possible!

Follow all these tips and you are sure to make your windows sparkle and dazzle buyers!