Your “Ready for Market” Masterpiece: Just a Brush Stroke Away  

Staging with Artwork

Expressing ourselves is just part of our joy-filled DNA. Want to know one of the most common examples of self-expression? Our home's personal style.  Our homes say a lot about us - our personality, values, and the things we love! In fact, sharing our personalities through interior décor choices is what turns houses into homes.

As much as we enjoy seeing homeowners' self-expression reflected in their homes (our own included!), we encourage less personality when it comes time to list and sell. Make room for potential buyers to imagine themselves and their style choices in your home.  One of the best places to start?  With art!

Artwork is a great way to bring character and life to a room, and if you pick the right pieces, it can inspire a prospective buyer to feel like the space already belongs to them.  Thoughtful art placement takes each space even a step beyond, garnering approving nods from enthusiastic buyers.

Below are a few tips to help win A+ art accolades from both buyers and agents . . .


Selecting Art:

-Art that works for decorating doesn't always work for selling. The biggest difference is simplicity. You want simple!  No deep artistic interpretations needed when selling (save those for the art history class please!).

-Take a quick glance through HD’s staging porfolio and you’ll see our preference for abstract paintings, uncomplicated landscapes and still lifes.

-Artwork should complement the home's style and not compete for the starring role

-Use art to pull the colors of the room together, coordinating with other accents such as pillows and accessories.

-Studies say that color can influence mood.  Strive for colors that create a welcoming vibe.  For example, blue is typically calming and green portrays freshness. On the flip side, bold reds can indicate passion and anger and black comes off as “mysterious” and dreary.

Our favorite styles for staging:

  • Abstracts - choose semi-conservative abstracts that create a peaceful and calm mood. (Neutral-toned abstracts are always a safe choice.)

  • Geometric shapes - remember to keep it simple & subtle, especially if it has a heavy pattern!

  •  Still Lifes

  • Botanical artwork

  • Landscapes / cityscapes

Scale and Balance

-Scale is very important - artwork should be proportionate to the height and width of the wall and the overall space size. Selecting art that is too small for the wall space is a very common decorating faux paus.

-Balance is also important - you want your space to feel balanced with just the right amount of furniture, artwork and accessories. You don't want any single decor element to overpower the others.

Bonus tip!

Just finished re-painting the house? Want to avoid nail holes? No hammers needed.  Lean artwork against the wall above the mantle over the fireplace, on the buffet in the dining room or the dresser in the master bedroom.


-Artwork should never compete with outside views! Outdoor views are super important selling features and art should not distract from the natural beauty of your exterior spaces. 

-Please – no nudes and no human faces. Silhouettes or figurative renderings of people are okay (as long as they create a soft, calming vibe). We sure don't want to offend potential buyers by displaying something “inappropriate” or too buzz-worthy on walls.   

-When it comes to family photographs/portraits – start packing!  Buyers want to feel comfortable touring your home, and not like they’re intruding in your space. If they see your face everywhere, they won’t be able to “picture” themselves buying and living in your listing.

-Avoid political artwork – remember you’re creating a peaceful and welcoming vibe, not a re-run of today’s 5 o’clock evening news.

Resources for artwork:

-The Big Easel is an outdoor art show hosted each spring in Acadiana and definitely one of our favorites for finding original art & fun treasures by super talented local artists.

 -In a hurry?  A few of our go-tos for inexpensive art include HomeGoods, AtHome and Target.

-Shopping online? Juniper Print Shop is another favorite! You can purchase a digital download file of their artwork online and have it printed inexpensively at Costco or your favorite printshop.

-Spend a few hours sourcing at thrift shops & antique stores to find unique pieces with character as you unwind from a busy morning of decluttering, packing and cleaning.  A short drive up I-49 to Sunset, Louisiana promises just the right mix of fun, chill and treasures. 

Remember: Art should be the final brush stroke that completes your masterpiece - "your home" for sale!