What is Staging?

Home staging is not decorating or interior design. Home staging is detailing, de-cluttering, de-personalizing and preparing a seller's home to give it a "model home" appearance so that potential buyers can see themselves living in the home. 

The Selling Power of Staging

More than 90% of ASP Staged Homes sell on average in 29 days or less. 
Non-staged homes spend an average of 145 days on the market.

A seller's average return on investment for staging is 586%.

Staged homes average a 10 to 20% higher sales price than non-staged homes.

Nearly 25% of all properties sold nationwide today are staged,
up from 10% just ten years ago.

In other words...

Faster Sales Time = Less Price Reduction

Higher Sales Price = Preserved Equity

Distinct Marketing Advantage over non-staged homes

Attract a broader range of buyers

Buyers will sense the home is well maintained

Home Inspectors will view the home as well cared for

Staged homes often get better appraisal value

First impressions sell

Win “best in show” with a few of our tried & true professional home staging tips: 

·       Follow the 3-D approach to selling success:  De-clutter, De-personalize and Detach!

·       Look at every room in your house through the eyes of a potential buyer.

·       Does your home pass the smell test?  Buyers always notice odors, so you should, too!

·       Get packing – especially valuable items and all collections.  Packing up the “little things” will help to de-clutter your home.

·       Clear off bathroom counters and tidy up showers and tubs.  Reduce the number of toiletries you have out to just a very few. 

·       In the kitchen, less is more!  Leave only a few items on your counters that you use every day.  You want to create a sense of space in the kitchen.

·       Most carpets need to be cleaned – especially if it has been more than six months since their last cleaning.  Have them professionally cleaned before putting your home on the market.

·       Keep all curtains and blinds open during the day to let in light and views.

·       Check all light fixtures.  Replace burned out light bulbs.  When your house is being shown, make sure lights and lamps are turned on throughout your house.

·       Reduce the number of family pictures on shelves, tables, pianos, refrigerator, etc.

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