Nine for 2019: Home Design & Staging Trend Roundup!

Maybe we’ve been just a little too busy posting Instagram stories about this month’s blog.  We can’t help ourselves! We are so excited about the latest home design & staging trends that have emerged for 2019. We’ve rounded up our “top 9” below, along with plenty of eye candy & inspiration.

1) Return to Nature:  Let’s take a walk in the forest!  Décor includes subtle wood accents with features like white washed and natural finishes. Wood is a wonderful material for connecting people to the outdoors and recalling sweet memories of enjoying the calming essence of nature. 

2) Put the FUN in Multi-Function Rooms:  Attention multi-taskers – this one is for you with murphy beds, multi-purpose built-ins, moveable walls or sliding doors, hidden storage solutions like retractable shelving, pull out pantry doors, and integrated kitchen appliances.  The FUN comes from the special flexibility, clever organization and sense of minimalism this trend brings.

3) Modern and traditional mix:  Yes, it’s definitely okay to mix!  Blend those trendy new “gotta-have” accessories with your favorite traditional pieces for a timeless, trending, and very true design vibe for your home.

4) Bohemian Beauty + Artisan Elements:  Still holding on to those hand-made crafts from 4th grade?  Time to show them off - think hand-woven furniture, textured art, and hand-crafted items using sustainable materials like jute, straw, brick and wicker.  These pieces create a warm and welcoming experience while also connecting us to our inner authentic selves.

5) Geo Glam:  It’s a Rubik’s Cube redeaux - geometric furniture styles, accessories, paint patterns and fixtures create a funky space filled with lines, circles, triangles and more to give your home a sense of individual algorithm.

6) Pattern Party:  This is a trend with booster power - painted floor tiles (grew over 1200% in popularity last year says, wallpaper and painted statement walls and ceilings have all been making an encore appearance as a style element in home decor.  Spice up that space with a dash of pattern!

7) Venus meets Mars:  Feminine tones like blush, dusty pink and bronze meet masculine statement pieces such as a chunky-based dining table, an over-sized leather chair or even a brick fireplace painted a soft-shade of baby blue.  Cupid says let your décor make love, not war! 

8) White Out:  No - not the kind you use on paper!  Think all white kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms that create a serene feeling as well as a blank canvas for design flexibility.  If you get a little tired of the all-white vibe, just add a touch of greenery, or a pop of color with fresh flowers, art, drapes, and pillows.  What color will you add to your white canvas?  The world is your oyster!

9) Mixed metals:  Who doesn’t like to mix and match?! - especially in the kitchen.   Cabinet hardware and light fixtures are a great place to start. Designers suggest not mixing more than 2 to 3 different metal accents per room.  As always – Less is more!  Moderation is the key to creating a metallic compound that is just right for your space. (Source: Elle Décor and House Beautiful)