"Fresh Beginnings: Bathrooms & Closets"

Mastering the Mess

Is home organization one of your top resolutions as you get ready for the 2019 selling market?!  Well, let’s “master your mess” together and sell those bathrooms and closets – two of the most frequently cluttered spaces in the home.  During the holidays especially, homeowners busily shove everything but Santa’s sleigh into closets or cabinets to make room for seasonal decor. 

Did you know that an important “gotta-have” on most buyers’ wish lists is definitely plenty of storage?   Believe it or not, lack of sufficient storage can jeopardize a sale.  Buyers should both see and appreciate the total storage available in your home.  Space and functionality in bathrooms are also high on buyers’ lists.  They want bathrooms that fit their particular “lifestyle” or one they soon hope to achieve.  Below you will find our “mastering the mess” staging tips for both closets and bathrooms.  Follow these easy tips and you’ll impress potential buyers with stress-free and organized spaces! 

Staging Tips for Closets:

1) Clear out closets – start by editing at least 30%.    Packing up off-season clothing and storing for your move really helps with this first step.  Next, make a pile of things you intend to give away.  With less in your closets, it makes an important impression that there is definitely lots of room to spare.

2) Add on-trend and matching baskets (i.e. – wicker baskets, opaque containers, cloth baskets) to store necessities and hide clutter.  Avoid clear containers because they add to an unwanted cluttered look.

3) Always, always keep the closet floor clear of messes and storage!!  Sell that square footage.

4) If budget allows, matching hangers create a much more cohesive look (stick with neutral colors --tan/wood, cream, soft gray or white).

5) Install extra lighting or add a small lamp on an open counterspace (if available) to brighten the space.    Closets will instantly appear LARGER with good lighting!

6) Color coordination of hanging clothes always provides a very organized stress-free affect. 

7) In master closets, try creating a feature area with a cute piece of artwork – you’re selling a “lifestyle” that buyers are sure to want!!

8) Wondering what to do with all your discarded closet treasures?  We love supporting local thrift stores with clothing donations.

Staging Tips for Bathrooms:

1) Create a blank canvas by clearing off those countertops – remove ALL of your daily toiletries and personal products (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, deodorant, etc.) and keep those cabinets tidy, too.

2) Bathrooms should be immaculately clean!  You want buyers to feel that your home is well-loved and that you’ve taken pride in presenting a consistently clean home.  And always empty (and hide) the trash before showings.

3) New on-trend neutral towels are definitely one of our staging staples. Hand towels on countertops or at sinks topped with a pretty bar of soap, and on the tub deck a stack of neatly-folded bath towels help accentuate that coveted spa-like vibe.

4) Dated & tired looking bathroom?  No worries - an easy bathroom update can come from using on-trend accessories.  Your goal here is to create an updated feel with the simple addition of accessories like fragrant soaps, loofahs, cotton balls and candles.  Remember to think simplicity because less is always more.

5) Flowers or green plants and succulents (fresh is preferred) are a great finishing touch.  They add instant color, dimension and life to the space. 

6) Lastly and as time and budget permits, clean out bathroom cabinets and use baskets to store all of your everyday necessities (rubber bands, Q-tips, makeup, combs and brushes, etc.) Spacious storage sells, so keep those cabinets only partially full.

Here’s to new and fresh beginnings!  Be sure to look at our sample images of “dressed for success” staged bathrooms and closets!  Happy New Year and Happy Selling in 2019!! #masterthemess