Freshen up your Foyer

"Old ways don't open new doors"

The foyer of your home, whether large or small, should be functional and beautiful.  After all, it’s the first glimpse of your home!

Questions to consider:
Does it set the tone for your home’s interior?  Is it a snapshot of what’s to come? Does it exude a warm welcome? Is it decluttered and clean?

The goal of foyer freshening: it should keep an interested buyer wanting to see more! Let’s capture potential buyer’s interest instantly with some key foyer ingredients.  House Dressings “top secret”  foyer checklist will definitely energize your entryway: 

  •     a chest or table
  •     mirror
  •     rug
  •     lamp
  •     fresh flowers or blooming plant
  •      small bowl for real estate agents’ business cards
  •     a small bench with pillows is great for a small foyer/entryway or to create a foyer “feel” if you don't have one at all!