Freshen up your Foyer

"Old ways don't open new doors"

The foyer of your home, whether large or small, should be functional and beautiful.  After all, it’s the first glimpse of your home!

Questions to consider:
Does it set the tone for your home’s interior?  Is it a snapshot of what’s to come? Does it exude a warm welcome? Is it decluttered and clean?

The goal of foyer freshening: it should keep an interested buyer wanting to see more! Let’s capture potential buyer’s interest instantly with some key foyer ingredients.  House Dressings “top secret”  foyer checklist will definitely energize your entryway: 

  •     a chest or table
  •     mirror
  •     rug
  •     lamp
  •     fresh flowers or blooming plant
  •      small bowl for real estate agents’ business cards
  •     a small bench with pillows is great for a small foyer/entryway or to create a foyer “feel” if you don't have one at all! 

Before & After: Country Club

Last week we talked about paint being "Money in a Can". We thought we would share a few before & after pictures of a listing we recently helped transform & get ready for market. The listing had plenty of great space but the dark paint colors really made it feel heavy & dated. We worked with the seller to pick out paint colors, light fixtures & finishes -- then staged it. What a difference! Scroll through below. 

Money in a Can

We meet with dozens of sellers each month. Each one has their own concerns or worries about how to quickly sell their home -- with spending the least amount of money possible. While we have lots of tips & tricks, one of our favorite ones for older or dated listings is this...

Aside from important home maintenance, such HVAC systems, plumbing etc, the biggest bang for your buck is always PAINT! We call it money in a can! A few coats of a cool grey or a light neutral beige can really transform an older home into a market-ready listing (we're talking inside OR outside). Often times, you won't need to paint your trim, just the walls. DIY sellers can usually accomplish painting a few rooms in one weekend. It gives buyers the sense that your home has been well-cared for and the fact that they might not have to paint over bright red walls is always a bonus. 

Worried about color? Our tried & true favorite is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore - it's a soft neutral that doesn't lean too cool or too warm. It looks great in just about any setting & gives a fresh, updated feel. We also offer paint consultations to assist you in choosing the color just right for your listing.