Now & Then: Flashback to 2010

HD Celebrates 9 Seasons!

Talk about a business with a past!  We’re celebrating this month with a flashback to September 2010, the month we launched House Dressing!   Nine “seasons” of professionally staging Acadiana sure deserves a special shout out as we pause to appreciate each one of our “believers” - our treasured clients who took a chance and hired us to stage their listings and experienced a brand-new level of selling.  We’ve grown from serving just 12 listing in 2010, to nearly 300 in 2018.  And we can’t wait to share 2019 numbers (hint:  August was our best month ever!), but we have to wait until December 31st. . .

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who has been a part of our amazing story, inspiration, encouragement and growth!    While a lot has changed since 2010, our mission remains the same - to acknowledge  where our blessings come from (ABOVE - PTL!); to bring our very best to each project, large or small; to share our gratitude to every client for their partnership and trust in our services; and always to bring our passion and commitment to “dressing” our projects for selling success!

In this month’s blog, we thought it would be fun to have a few flashbacks from the old days and - oh gosh!  We can’t get over how things have progressed for both House Dressings and the staging industry!

Let’s hit rewind and see what’s changed…

Home Design & Staging- Now & Then:


    • NOW - soft muted neutrals with cool accents and small pops of colors versus…

    • THEN - warmer colors (the Tuscan look - browns, reds, mustard colors) and warm metallic and typography accents, and we can’t forget – that popular chevron print.

  • STYLE:

    • NOW - modern, minimalist, simple elegant designs and open floor plans versus…

    • THEN - bulkier furniture, dark and glossy woods, disconnected spaces, heavy accents


    • NOW professional real estate photographers are hitting it out of the ball park with high quality MLS images and more vignette/lifestyle shots versus…

    • THEN - cell phone pictures taken by sellers, realtors and builders


    • NOW simple yet sophisticated neutrals that showcases lifestyle and sell livable spaces, with a special emphasis on attracting Millennial buyers versus…

    • THEN - less practical styling using warm tones with busy accessories and formal furniture pieces

Things that have remained the same Now & Then:

  • Importance of Curb Appeal – sellers always want to make the best first impression to potential buyers

  • A warm welcome with an inviting foyer

  • The fireplace mantle remains a focal point– “the heart of the home”

  • Outdoor spaces are still on the top of buyers’ list of wants

  • Depersonalizing and decluttering are still key items on every seller’s to-do list

Staging is not the only thing that has changed…

House Dressings - Now & Then: Streaming Live

We’ve had many changes over the years as we strive to grow, evolve, and stay current and on-trend in the ever-evolving staging and real estate markets.  Our team has grown from a “one woman” show to a strong team of 8!!  Some other things that have changed include our branding, logo, website, warehouse, Instagram (which is constantly changing!), and of course, our inventory to always stay fresh and relevant with the latest emerging trends.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this walk down memory lane, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for House Dressings and our wonderful clients!  Be sure to tune into HD Season 10, streaming live now on FACEBOOK  PINTEREST  INSTAGRAM and our blog and website.