An Early Christmas Gift -- From Your HD Elves

Staging Prep for the Holidays

As the leaves begin to fall outside and temperatures finally dip, our thoughts quickly turn to fun decorating for the holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mardi Gras. But, what does this mean for sellers?

Holidays are a very personal time -- they mean a lot to us, too! When selling, you want to make sure your styling is neutral and welcoming to potential buyers.  We suggest no visible holiday décor in any MLS photos, and a holiday decorating “lite” approach when it comes to interior spaces for showings.  Enjoy the holidays but save your “all-out” decorating for the new/next house. 

“Less is more” is the theme for staging during the holidays, but if you want to spread some holiday cheer here are a few tips that even Santa will love:

●       Start by hanging a pretty evergreen wreath on the front door – remember fresh is best!

●       Accentuate the positive or best features of your home with a touch of holiday (i.e.- garland on the mantle or mistletoe hanging in an arched doorway) but don’t overpower with too much trimming -- or eggnog!

●       Depersonalize decorations – decor should appeal to a broad range of buyers, so please no names, initials or personal photos

●       Share a plate of homemade holiday cookies in the kitchen for showings and top with an open holiday cookbook nearby to show off your “secret” cookie recipe as a festive styling prop

●       How about some soft, classic music (i.e. – holiday tunes invite lingering)

●       Try a bowl of fragrant pinecones displayed on a foyer or coffee table (staying with the neutral/natural décor theme)

●       Place peppermint or pine-scented soaps and candles in bathrooms to tickle their noses as well as their holiday fancies

●       Simple white lights outside can highlight landscaping or features on the outside of the house – and help Rudolph find his way!

●       An evergreen swag or big red bow on the mailbox will add a fun holiday welcome at the curb

●       Don’t forget to declutter – this is always a must when selling a home

We hear you - the holidays can be a very stressful and challenging time for homeowners with listings on the market. Following our tips for holiday staging will definitely help you be less of a Grinch and feel more like Santa this holiday selling season! 

We wish you all a happy and successful 2018 holiday selling!!